Thursday, 19 February 2015

Overheard Electricity Bill

Overheard during the evening:

Chairman: "Anything on iPlayer?"

Hay: "I've been doing the old person thing of putting stars against suitable programmes in the TV listings."


Frozen Alaska Narrator: "The Arctic ground squirrel is conscious for only 12 days during the entire winter."

Hay: "Much like yourself, Badger."

Heard an interview on radio with Martin Lewis (the Money Saving Expert guy) about the benefits of switching electricity suppliers - I use the word suppliers advisedly, as it's just billing that's involved.

He said people would be surprised at how much they could save by using the U-switch service, which advises on what would be your best option and sets it up for you. However, the vast majority of people, especially old people, are reluctant to do it - and perversely, they're the ones who moan most about electricity bills.

Gave them a call yesterday and switched from NPower to ScottishPower, saving about £300 a year, based on my last 12 months' consumption.

Hay's challenge now is to get her dad to switch, as he's with the most expensive supplier.

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