Saturday, 14 February 2015

Thoughts Wren is Spring

Overheard in the restaurant at an early Valentine's meal (we're cheapskates)

Hay: "Have you ever stopped to consider that not everyone thinks like you."

Chairman: "Don't they? That's a hideous thought; no wonder the world's in a mess "

We have a wren's nest in the house! It must be behind one of the oak beams in the eaves, but we haven't heard anything.

Over the last week we've had to let 4 wren fledglings (I assume they are fledglings) escape - one was caught by the cat on the way out, but three made it through an open door or an open window before Kitty could react.

There must be a small access in the eaves somewhere through which the parents go out to forage, but the fledglings chose to leave the nest via the interior of the house.

Not sure they'll survive in this weather.

Now I have to find the access, as the hole is obviously causing a draft.

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