Friday, 20 February 2015

Cindy Crawford & Nov. 5th Hitler Road

One Cindy Crawford (age 48) has released some photos of herself where she's scantily clad. It is understood by this correspondent that the photos are un-retouched, which is a novelty in the world of modelling. Hay is over the moon - at age 50, her bod looks infinitely better than Cindy Crawford's 48 year old one - and I have to say I agree!

Yesterday I was listening to an Australian debate between Richard Dawkins and a certain Cardinal George Pell (Pell came off the worst, by a long chalk and was floundering badly). This question wasn't asked of Cardinal Pell, but I wish it had; if you were around in the late 1800s and knew (possibly by a divine revelation or a prophesy) Hitler was going to be responsible for 50m deaths in WWII (Cardinal Pell's number, used in the answer to another question), would you have aborted him? I think, but can't guarantee, that his answer would be a no, but he'd have a helluva job arguing why.

It's strange that in the world of the sciences you can get theoretical, experimental and practical disciplines, but theology strikes me as a discipline that can only ever be theoretical.

You know how on the continent - specifically the Mediterranean continent - you get roads named after dates that are important in the national history; well, we just don't do that here. There's no November the 5th Avenue (an obvious date), or 3rd of September Road (last battle of the Civil War), etc. I wonder why that is?


  1. Dah, da da dadah, da ..........Coronation Street

    1. Not specific enough though - should be August the 9th Street...

  2. Theology = the study of the unknowable.

  3. Too much dates to choose from ?
    In Berlin the Straße des 17. Juni leads to the Platz des 18. März.