Sunday, 15 February 2015

Thomas the Tank Engine Laboratory

It was Hay's dad's birthday yesterday and I'd bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake (he likes steam trains). Hay wondered how a cake that was bought over over 2 weeks ago could have a shelf life of close to a month - it's just not natural.

Here's why - it's a bloody chemist's lab!

Was reading about the Conservative plan to withdraw benefits from obese people who don't seek help. Some obese woman said that she couldn't afford to buy healthy food. Never heard so much Tommy-rot. Processed food is more expensive than fresh - we can get a week's veg from our local greengrocer (Ian) for under a tenner - and that feeds a family of three. Not much in the way of meat is needed to add to that, if indeed any; you just need to select your cuts carefully. In our experience it's cheaper, or at the very least just as expensive, to buy the raw ingredients yourself than buy processed crap. The additional secret is not to waste any and recycle leftovers. What this woman means is that she either can't or won't cook and prefers to stuff herself with choc-chip cookies.

I would contend that even if you buy cheap, processed food from Iceland, you won't become obese unless you stuff yourself silly with sugar, fat and the crap that's in the Thomas the Tank Engine cake. There are lots of people who live on nothing but processed foods and yet don't get obese (university students, for example), simply because they eat in moderation.

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