Thursday, 12 February 2015

Lancashire Bomb Site

The Chairman and Hay are watching Tony Robinson's TV progrmame, "Walking Through History", showing an episode on the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

A gent was showing an aerial photograph of Wigan.

Tony Robinson: "And so when was this taken?"

Gent: "Just before WWII."

Hay: "Looks like the aftermath of a Luftwaffe bombing raid during WWII."

The media don't half string things out. There was an accident in Bath earlier in the week in which I think 4 people were killed by a runaway dumper truck. Fully half of Tuesday night's SW News programme was devoted to it - a full 15 minutes of interviews with relations of relations, hospital doctors, local residents and binmen - in fact I'm surprised I wasn't interviewed.

Last night another few minutes were given over to it, with the reporter saying the area is just staring to come to terms with it and trying to resume normal life. A friend of Hay's lives just round the corner and said the mess was cleared up pretty quickly and everyone just continued as normal - nothing like the media-portrayed events.

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