Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Iranian Memories

Narrator of TV Program: "Experiments with goldfish shows they have remarkably good memories - in excess of 5 months."

Hay: "That's better than you, Badger."

Iran is to hold a cartoon competition on the theme of holocaust denial in an attempt to attack the West’s “double standards” over religious satire and free speech.

They don't need to, for two reasons:
  1. The mere idea of free speech in Iran makes me giggle with mirth, and
  2. The idea of anyone supporting holocaust denial in contravention of all known facts can only be satire (although I must admit I fail to see the satire myself).
Additionally to 2 above, anyone who honestly denies the holocaust is to be pitied as a fool, not threatened with death.


  1. I am sure you have used that goldfish memory joke before - about six months ago

  2. I guess that CB has forgotten......