Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Samsung in Shouty Welsh for Blind Kings

My Samsung Smart TV asked me to speak up a bit last night.

Prince Charles has been to Saudi and had a word with King Wossisface. I wonder whether the world's kings and queens ever get together for a conference to talk about kingy things. There used to be quite a healthy market for kings and queens in the 18th and 19th centuries; there were loads of either overthrown monarchs or princelings ready to be hired out to any country that needed one. They don't seem to be in as much demand now though. It's strange to think that it was essentially one family that has ruled Europe for most of its history, as they were all related in some respect through intermarriage.

Hay's dad, who is a bit hard of hearing - no, very hard of hearing - received a communication from NPower yesterday. I'm not sure whether by using 24 point text they were shouting so he could hear, or whether they just got his affliction wrong.

No matter how I orientate the image in my computer folder, Blogger insists on this orientation and I can't change it.

Going back to Hay's dad, NPower also have their geography wrong - unless they think he lives in Welsh North Bristol. 

Talking of afflictions, the Prado Museum in Madrid has commissioned texturised copies of famous works so blind people can feel them. NPower would probably just make have descriptions that are German.

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