Friday, 15 January 2016

69 Bike Ghost Students

Now it's Alan Rickman at 69! Seems 69 is the new 84...

Tickets to the Mrs Queen's official 90th birthday street party are to cost £150. Given it's not till June I somehow think it's a bit of a risk to part with £150 next month. Not only from the age risk aspect, but also the weather.

Got a free bike last weekend from a pal in the Old Sodbury Yacht Club. He'd had a knee op and could no longer cycle. As it was in rather good condition I thought I'd buy a cover for it - have you ever tried putting these bloody covers on a bike? Nightmare! The only way you can manage it is to use the same modus operandi as I use for putting a duvet cover on a duvet - you wear it on yourself before putting it on the bike. In our household, the wearing of the duvet cover is called the bed ghost method, thus putting a cover on a bike involves the bike ghost method.

It seems to me that students these days protest against the very things students in the 60s were protesting for. In the 60s students wanted free speech and a platform for all; these days they want to stifle free speech and ban everything from statues to Katie wossername. Is it just the tragedy of university students that they want rebel against what their parents wanted, even if it's manifestly right-wing to do so?

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  1. Cheer up !
    Keith Richards is 79 and still going strong - I think :)