Saturday, 2 January 2016

Calories & Antioxidants

Overheard on New Year's Day:

Chairman: "I had a semi-skinny day yesterday; no breakfast, no lunch and only dinner."

Hay: "But you also had a Christmas pudding and a bottle of Malbec! You must have had at least 5,000 calories."

Chairman: "Yes, but I would have had 10,000 had I eaten breakfast and lunch."

Now we're at the start of another year, health supplement firms (aka scam artists) are inundating us with adverts, fronted by people like Carol Vorderman, for dubious cure-alls. Antioxidants are the latest craze, and yet there's not a shred of clinical trials evidence they do anything for us when taken as supplements. I feel a crusade coming on.


  1. I will be starting a diet on Monday. I favour Zeno's Diet (which is based on Zeno's paradox). If you fancy a plate of chips, just eat half a plate. When you have eaten half the chips, eat half of what remain. You can continue this way all night and never eat a plate of chips. It always works for me. Happy 2016 my good friend - may 2016 be the year we get to share a pint ... (or a never ending half a pint if we are on diets)

  2. And it's a homeopathic fact that the less calories you consume the fatter you get...

  3. You're right of course! Though it could be argued that as 'fewer' is used for things you count and 'less' used for things you don't, then calories consumed when in binge mode are ignored and therefore uncounted. ;)