Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Nightcrawler Sourdough Lawn

Putin corrupt - surely not! I find it simply impossible to believe that this multi-billionaire from a humble background and no declared source of income beyond his salary is corrupt.

Gave the lawn a first cut yesterday. Should have done it New Year's Day - it was almost too long to get the mower through it and the motor was labouring! Could this be a record?

I've mentioned before that our neighbours have a couple of cats that regularly come into our house - we call them Blackie and Ging, for obvious reasons. Blackie's real name (if cats can have real names) is Spook, which is quite apt, although Nightcrawler would be even more apt. You don't know the bugger is in the house, but the minute Kitty's food dish is moved, he appears in a puff of smoke, in the same manner as Nightcrawler, the X-Men character.

The revived Old Sodbury sourdough starter was still looking a bit flaccid yesterday, so I got an old apple off the ground in the garden and introduced a couple of slices of peel to add some yeasts. I've probably also added some virulent pathogens - perhaps I'll call it the Andromeda Strain.


  1. Do cats pee on Apples - just a thought ?

    1. Fortunately not - but pheasants peck at them. I took the precaution of using one that was least ravaged. The baking will resolve the pathogen issue (although I do have a habit of ripping off a chunk of dough to chew)...