Saturday, 30 January 2016

Aberystwyth Quatermass Experiment in Syria

Livened up my own local Andromeda strain (as you can see it's very lively) and plumped up the purchased Cumbrian strain of sourdough starters before putting them both to bed in the fridge.

I've only just made some bread with my own starter, so it will be a week or so before I can report on the efficacy and taste of the Cumbrian rye strain. It's northern - bound to be indestructible and hard as nails compared to the namby-pamby, flaccid, southern strain.

Heard a woman in a shop complaining about all these men coming here in boats from Syria and suggesting they should be fighting for their country like our men did in WWII. I was going to join in the conversation and ask which of the myriad, murderous factions they should join, but I detected a whiff of bigotry about her, which is remarkably resistant to logic, or indeed common sense.

Have you seen the TV programme Hinterland? Set in Aberystwyth, but doesn't exactly do much for the local tourism industry. Grim isn't the word. It's like Accrington on a wet, winter Sunday, every day of the week. Wouldn't go there for all the tea in China after seeing it. One of the characters in the episode we watched had no speaking part - she was a corpse. I wonder if there's a set fee for acting as a corpse?

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