Saturday, 16 January 2016

Civil War Kitchen Bargains

Got some charity shop cookery bargains this week:

Firstly a gravy separator - been looking for one of these for absolutely ages, but to no avail. £3.49 in the local charity shop.

Next up is a couple of silicone moulds for ring-shaped confections at £1.99. I was really after just the middle thingies (they come off) to make James' Martin's special mini shortbreads for some lemon possets I'm making for Hay's birthday party tonight (it's not actually her birthday till Monday).

Been devouring books about the English Civil War - specifically seeking ones about the various battles, of which there were more than you tend to think. The only problem is that the accounts are confusing in the extreme, as all the names are English and that makes it very difficult to determine on whose side the various characters (beyond the well known Essex, Fairfax, Cromwell and Prince Rupert) were. It would be more than useful if the names were colour coded.

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