Friday, 29 January 2016

Place Names in a Song

We have started to watch the Scottish police drama, Shetland. This prompted me to look the place up in order to get my bearings, with some shocking results.

Was listening to Amazon Prime's new radio service yesterday and heard a tune that brought back memories. As far as I knew it was the signature tune to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - I never realised it was an Eagles number - Journey of the Sorcerer. I must have been away on a trip when that originally came out.


  1. My Dad was stationed up there during the early part of the war. One of the few stories he told was how it took nearly three weeks to get there from London (weather), and how when playing Bingo one of the prizes was a can of Brasso which was promptly drunk by the squaddy winner.

  2. So that's where they all come from!
    Been enjoying the series online, (no ad's) a sort of dour version of 'Bergerac'.