Sunday, 24 January 2016

Anachronistic Whimsy for Mark

We still use the expression cc in emails. The term cc stands for carbon copy - when is the last time you used a sheet of carbon paper to produce a copy of a typed memo or letter? For me it was in the 80s. A copy of an email is an exact electronic copy of the original and therefore we should surely use the term electronic copy (ec), or even just copy (c)?

On Thursday morning Hay told me she'd seen a bloke out on the common looking at our house. It transpired he was about to build a house himself and was looking for inspiration. She invited him and his wife round on Friday to look over the inside of our place with his wife, and his name was Mark. Anyway - on Thursday afternoon I saw a rather dapper bloke eyeing our house from the common and assumed it to be Mark, but he'd come a day early. I went out to speak to him and said; "I presume you're Mark?" to which he responded; "Yes - has my builder phoned you?" I was a tad confused about this, as I'd not been told his builder was calling us. Mark was interested only in our oak cladding and had no interest in looking at the interior. Friday came and a bloke and his wife arrived to look at our house - this was the Mark Hayley had spoken to. So we had two Marks looking at the house.

Yesterday I commented to Hay about the first Mark being 'Mark but not Mark'. It struck me this sounded like some band's name and then in came to me - Was Not Was. This sparked off an idea for a Bristol band name - Yeah But No But. It would obviously have to some vacuous, poppy band with a name like that.

Going back to Finnegan's Wake and its similarity to conceptual art; I think all conceptual artworks should be called 'whimsies' or 'ornaments' - they can mean anything to anyone and serve purely as decorative items.

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  1. Your house has obviously been given several Marks of approval...