Sunday, 3 January 2016

Mobile Sherlock Chef Asleep

Decorations came down yesterday - glad it's all over, don't think the liver could cope with any more booze. Need to focus a bit more on the skinny days of the 5/2 diet, which I've been rather lax with of late.

Watched the latest Sherlock on iPlayer last night. Can't see what all the fuss is about. You have to be really dull not to be able to follow the plot, added to which it was very amusing in parts.

I find it incredible that when I put my laptop under the slightest stress, the fan whirs away like a 747 turbine, yet I perform exactly the same operations on my mobile phone and it's as silent as the grave.

Went out with the family for lunch on New Year's Day, but unfortunately there was a mix up with the bookings and our usual haunt - the Fox and Hounds at Acton Turville - turned out to be closed. Recovered the situation by popping to it's sister establishment, the Bell at Yatton Keynell. On the way home we called in at yet another old favourite that has recently been sold (the Salutation), purely to check out the menu under the new management:

However, they'd had a party the night before that went on a bit, so not surprising.

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