Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cultural Appropriation of Dry Stone Walls

Remember not so long ago there was some argument about white girls having their hair styled in cornrows and some members of the black community somewhere (probably the USA) going on about cultural appropriation

Well, while watching an item on the BBC's One Show about the UK ladies netball team, there were 3 black members of the team and one black TV presenter. Every one of them had straightened their hair and were wearing it long. Isn't that cultural appropriation too, and isn't it more prevalent among the black, female population than white females wearing their hair in corn rows?

I really don't understand the cultural appropriation argument - seems just another thing manufactured so someone can complain about it.

We had a Village Comedy Night last night - 3 comedians and a 3 course dinner for £25. Hay was part of the 3 woman team that made the dinners and I was helping to wash up and serve, along with No.1 Son. Anyway, I was talking to a friend who is a retired local council planner and still keeps his hand in local issues. He was telling me that James Dyson is busy replacing 14km of dry stone walling sound his property, the labour alone for which is £150 per metre. That's £2.1m just for the labour. wonder if Dyson can give Trump some consultancy on his wall, which doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.

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