Tuesday, 24 April 2018

I Just Don't Care About Th

Overheard watching Jurgen Klop on the news:

Hay: "Did I just hear him say de instead of the?"

Chairman: "Yes, it's a well known fact that the British can't hear the interdental non-sibilant fricative when we Dutch and Germans use it. Like when I say this, that and the other, you will hear it as dis, dat and de udder."

The news:

  • Government insists UK will leave customs union.
  • Martin Lewis seeks damages from Facebook.
  • Duchess of Cambridge has a boy (I wasn't even aware she was pregnant).
  • Capita raises £700m in financing.

I simply don't care! Why? Because I'm getting my ride-on lawnmower cutting deck back today from the welder. Nothing now matters to me - all is well with the universe.

My mower even has headlights!

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