Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Nut Psychology

Overheard in a local kitchenware shop:

Hay: "Do you like these sandwich boxes?"

Chairman: "No - there's no separate compartment for things like a banana and your nuts."

Hay: "It's a sandwich box, not a pair of boxer shorts!"

The mind is a wonderful thing and can dupe you. As part of my weight-loss regime I've started using a much smaller glass for my weekend wine intake, which has resulted in a reduction of about 1/3rd over the weekend, amounting to a full bottle - which is a good number of calories.

Similarly, when doing my weight lifts I've found that trying to do 20 vertical lifts of the 10kg weights is only just achievable, but if I do the lifts in sets of 5 - counting 1 to 5 and then 1 to 5 again another 3 times - it's not only achievable, but I feel I can actually do one or two more by the time I reach 20.

I've increased the exercises by 25%, but still do 6 sessions a day and am maintaining the one meal a day regime. Each set is now 1.5 minute plank, 25 forward arm curls, 25 side arm curls and 20 vertical, overhead arm lifts (with the eventual objective of 25 verticals).

The result has been a reduction of my waist from 34 inches to a very comfortable 32. The weight has stabilised at 82kg, despite the fat melting away, which can only be due to the increased muscle mass in my upper body.

Had to go through my entire trouser and jeans wardrobe over the weekend and chuck out the 34 wait stuff. The charity shop has been doing a roaring trade from me buying new trews and even my T shirts are starting to get a bit tight around the shoulders.

Ever wondered why some charity shops sell clothes that still have the shop sales tag still on them? I used to think it was people with more sense than money buying stuff on-line and then giving it to charity shops when they find it's the wrong size. Apparently they are mainly 'returns', which account for over 60% of the clothes shifted, it being cheaper to donate them to charity than put them through an inspection process and put them back in the sales chain. Some high-end brands will actually destroy returns rather than sell them cheaper through alternative outlets as it diminishes the brand cachet.

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  1. Well done on the weight loss CB; sounds like you've got things well under control!