Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Petition a Two State Solution for Hogs

Kitty and Blackie do not get along together, but they both like lying on our bed during the day. 

Hay has been called in as an international mediator and suggested a Two State Solution, to which end she built a Trump-style wall to de-escalate the tensions.

If you're going to go vegan (not that I would), can you go 'the whole hog', or is that not allowed?

Have you noticed how on-line petitions have gained an influence far beyond the numbers signing them? It only takes about 12 people to complain about a TV programme and it becomes major news. Now I'm no royalist, but 30,000 mean-spirited people have apparently signed one against naming the 2nd Bristol Channel crossing the Prince of Wales Bridge. 30,000 is the equivalent of the population of Yate or Dunstable - insignificant. There again, they could be arguing for it to be called the Prince Charles Bridge, as in years to come they'll be saying; "Which PoW was that then?"

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