Monday, 23 April 2018

New Atheists & Wood

I was reading a review of a book called Seven Types of Atheism by John Grey. The reviewer contends that the New Atheists' (such as Richard Dawkins) mistake, is that 'they fail to see that science cannot close the gap between facts and values - it cannot, for example, tell you whether slavery is wrong.' I would disagree - science indeed demonstrates that there is not a single reason why one set of people could be considered superior to another, which was the justification for slavery.

Science can also say why docking a lamb's tail is OK but docking a dog's tail is not OK - dogs don't suffer from fly-strike.

I do wonder whether science can determine why it's impossible to keep your socks on when wearing wellingtons. They always work their way off your foot.

Have any of you started to hoard wood? I'm finding myself gravitating toward this tendency - apparently it's a sign of ageing. You look at an off-cut and think; "Mmm - that could come it useful one day," knowing full well that you won't use it this side of the 2nd coming. I've also started drawing around tools that are fixed to a piece of hardboard in my shed. Am I getting senile?


  1. Hoarding wood I can understand, I have always done it even as a younger man. Drawing round your tools on a tool board makes me seriously worried. It's usually a sign of someone that has bought all the tools but has no clue how to use them. Time for a life situational review I think.

    1. Every tool in its place and a place for every tool. OCD, perhaps?

  2. Sorry: should be someone who not someone that

  3. Whenever I see that label "new atheist" I always wonder what is it about not believing that Gods exist is "new" exactly?

    People have been reaching that same conclusion since the ancient Greeks, and writing and talking about it too..

  4. Hoarding timber - more a sign of the cost of timber I'd think. (or doing your bit as a recycler) As a skip raider and gatherer of discarded pallets am an expert on the condition. Just built a shed floor with such. Haven't started hoarding bent nails as yet...