Saturday, 7 April 2018


Does anyone remember those little bottles of olive oil you could buy at the chemist? My dad used to heat a small amount and pour it into his ears to loosen the vast quantities of ear wax he produced. It was a popular remedy in before the '70s. He'd occasionally visit the doctor to have them syringed too.

Not sure olive oil would be recommended by a doctor these days - in fact, I'm certain it isn't. There is an old remedy for hair loss that uses shampoo and olive oil, so using it to get rid of your ear wax may result in a profusion of ear hair, although I doubt it.

Anyone remember when absolutely no-one took their kids to a restaurant? Those were heavenly days; we spent about 15 years of our lives not going to restaurants, or else used a solution that was developed specially for parents - it was a rather innovative solution called a babysitter. If only people would use them more these days...

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  1. Olive oil - at my GP practice they insist on you using olive oil for a week before they will even consider syringing. It is applied a room temperature today. You can buy drops but the nurse says that Olive oil is as good.