Monday, 30 April 2018

Kwik-Fit Thingie

Overheard while watching a documentary: 

Chairman: "What was Agamemnon's wife's name? It escapes me."

Hay: "Brenda?"

My conversation is increasingly becoming 'thingified' - I found myself racking my brain for the word Parmesan the other day. Try as I might, the word just wouldn't come to the front of my mind, although I knew exactly what I was thinking of. It came out as thingie cheese. The word Mozzarella was fine, but Parmesan had exited the building.

Had two new tyres fitted to the car yesterday at Kwik-Fit. Asked the price of the cheapest and was advised it would be £41 each, plus £36 for fitting - not bad. When I said OK, I was asked whether I would like the wheels aligned and, thinking it would be no more than a tenner, I said yes. It was £60 - I was horrified. It never used to cost that much to have your wheels aligned.

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