Saturday, 21 April 2018

Diesel Social Media Fakes

Overheard in the garden:

Hay's Dad's Partner: "Brian - all this I hear about diesel cars being bad; your car runs on diesel, doesn't it?"

Hay's Dad: "That's right."

Hay's Dad's Partner: "Well, I think you should put petrol in it the next time you fill it up."

Hay's Dad: "Give me strength!"

I was reading an article on a study into fake social media profiles. The study focuses on profile networks and the probability of genuine links, such as family, work or school connections to determine whether a profile is genuine. A lack of genuine social connections is an indicator of the likelihood of a profile being fake, which makes eminent sense.

Over the last month or so, I've received an unusually high number of connection requests from people I don't know, or who don't know anyone I know. I usually delete such requests, unless there's some form of link through shared interests - you should too.

Here's a suggestion; Facebook gives every member a small nick from the advertising revenue as a reward for accepting adverts. You could probably build a business model around that. I'd be prepared to look at adverts all day - if they paid me...

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