Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bamboo Toilets

We want to make the patio at the back of our house a bit more private. When out walking the other day we spotted a rather nice bamboo hedge in a pub, which would be ideal for our purposes.

I mentioned to Hay that bamboo is fast growing and can be somewhat invasive and enquired how we could keep it under control. She suggested we get a panda or a Chinese cook.

Yesterday we went on a short train journey from St Ives to Hale and, just before we arrived in St Erth (where we had to change trains), I decided to deballast in the train toilet. It was one of those corner toilets with automatic, sliding doors. On entering it I pressed the button for the door to close and, as soon as they had slid shut, a voice announced that the doors were no longer working - I was trapped. I considered pulling a switch inside the toilet, but wasn't sure whether it would also stop the train, which seemed a bit over the top for a simple door failure. After a bit of faffing around and having alerted Hay to my predicament, I finally pulled the switch and heaved the doors open, only to discover we'd already reached St Erth and the train was now headed back to St Ives. Had to go all the way back and come out again. Rather embarrassing.

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