Thursday, 24 May 2018

Unhealthy Food in Large Houses

Overheard in the holiday let:

Hay's Dad's girlfriend: "This salt tastes very salty."

Saw some tosh in a news story yesterday about taxes on unhealthy food unfairly penalising the poor. Healthy food is actually cheaper than unhealthy food - unhealthy foods use healthy foods in their preparation and then the manufacturers monkey around with them, making them unhealthy and more expensive. 

The problem is we have an entire generation that is unable to cook - and that applies to men as well as women. And who can blame them when female participation in the workforce is at an all-time high - who wants to come home after a day at work and cook a meal from scratch? However, it's not as difficult or time-consuming as some may believe.

Well, our week in St Ives has come to an end - back home today. It has been warmer at home than here, but we've nonetheless had wall-to-wall sunshine and there were no crowds.

This last photo is of Porthledden House on Cape Cornwall that was, until 2015, owned by No.1 Son's school friend's parents who had made a mint by founding

They bought it in 2005 after it had been derelict for 20 years and spent 10 years renovating it to a beautiful standard before selling it for £3.5m, which seems very little for what it is. They must have spent at least that renovating it

We were invited in a few years ago when dropping No.1 Son off for a stay with his friend and I have pictures of the interior somewhere - it's absolutely jaw-dropping.

Just dug out one of the photos from 2008. I first though that was my black Merc 500SL parked outside, but it can't be, as I didn't have it in 2008. Below are some shots of the inside. Given our friends no longer live there, I think it's OK to show them.

The Daily Mail did an article on the house when it went up for sale, with better interior shots, which you can read here.

The area around the house is bloody bleak though, even in summer.

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