Friday, 4 May 2018

Electric Attitude Soup

Overheard while sampling this week's batch of homemade soup.

Chairman: "Mmm - tastes very"

Hay: "That'll be the broccoli."

Chairman: "Yes, I realise that. I was being kind. - it tastes like sewage. Don't forget I have that gene that makes brassicas taste like sewage."

Hay: "I can put some Stilton in it."

Chairman: "Please do, then at least it will taste of  Stilton with a hint of sewage."

One of our tenants has built his own electric bike. £250 for the bike frame, £260 for the electrification kit (front rim, hub and control panel) and £300 for the battery. He is an engineer though, so not an onerous task as far as he's concerned. He can apparently get 25 miles from one charge.

Did a Sort It Centre trip this week with a trailer-load of rubbish. When we arrived there were some 5 operatives watching over the proceedings, one of which, from his accent, was very obviously Eastern European. As we pulled up, he was ordered to help us while the others just sat on their backsides shouting abuse at him. 

Hayley had occasion to visit Sports Direct twice this week. On the first visit she was served by a young British girl who lacked even the vaguest semblance of customer service skills; didn't address Hay directly and never even made eye contact. On the second visit she was served by an Eastern European girl who couldn't have been more helpful and pleasant. 

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