Friday, 25 May 2018

Limpopo GDPR for Trump

Got back a tad late from St Ives yesterday. We called in at Charlestown near St Austell for a look-see, and very nice it is too. However, halfway back the Jag went into Limp Home Mode (or Limpopo Mode, as Hay calls it) and I couldn't get it back to normal. 

Charlestown is definitely on the list for somewhere to stay on our next holiday or long weekend. It doubled as an 18th century port in the Poldark TV series, but still looks relatively undiscovered. Not a Joules, Weird Fish, Fat Face or Crew Clothing shop in sight - in fact, with the exception of a couple of craft shops, hardly any shops at all. Absolute heaven.

I've been inundated by GDPR emails; there is one benefit, however; I can elect to unsubscribe from services I never even knew I was signed up to in the first place. Hundreds of the beggars. Pain in the arse. I must email all the people in my phone address book today to ascertain whether they agree to me keeping their information - you have been warned.

Seems I was right about Kim Jong Un playing Trump for a narcissistic chump. Saw it a mile off. 

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