Monday, 14 May 2018

F1 Wedding

Overheard while sat outside a tea shop:

Hay: "I've had enough of working from home."

Chairman: "Ah, that's because you lack the discipline. When you've done what needs to be done you get anxious and start doing things that don't need doing. I have the iron discipline to lie down on the couch, read a page or two and fall asleep, which recharges my batteries and allows me not to do things that don't need doing."

Listen to a news programme or open a paper and all you get bombarded with is the Royal Wedding. I wonder how much Windsor Castle is charging Megan Markle's parents for the wedding package and if they managed to negotiate a discount. There's not much we can learn from the French, but how to treat royalty is certainly one...

Heard something about an F1 road race than's being mooted for London. I firmly believe it should be raced with the potholes being left as they are, as it'll provide added excitement. Formula 1 has become too boring these days - I used to follow it in the 70s and 80s and early 90s, but not since Marcel Proust stopped racing. How he found time for F1, what with all his looking for lost time, I'll never know.

We went out to Minchinhampton for a brief walk yesterday  morning and were sat next to a courting couple outside a tea shop. He seemed to have commitment problems and was complaining that that afternoon he had to wash his car, tidy his flat, prepare himself a meal for the evening and see the girl he was sat next to, but couldn't do all three things. I wondered which he was going to drop.

Minchinhampton is yet another of these beautiful and quaint Cotswold villages that we're infested with in this part of the country - it's horrendous! I believe Keith Allen lives nearby, which isn't necessarily something to crow about and could put visitors off.

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