Thursday, 17 May 2018

In Search of a News Story

Came across this yesterday:

Seems, at first glance to be quite legit. That is, till one tries to find out who or what Vexen Crabtree is. I found the chart by searching on images in Google and it was on a blog called The Human Truth Foundation, which is a blog by one Vexen Crabtree. At best it has been researched, but at worst it's just one person's view and therefore liable to personal bias. The fact I tend to agree with the chart is immaterial.

Talking of news stories, it would appear Trump has been owned (to use a popular phrase) by Kim Jong Un. Someone in the North Korean regime has analysed Trump and determined that his weakness is his narcissism - that comes as no surprise. They knew Trump could be easily led into a trap by offering talks and just waiting for him to crow about his success - then whipping the carpet from under his feet at the last minute. At least that's how I read it. Kim's offer of talks just didn't seem right to me; it was totally out of character for a dictator.

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