Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Meeting a Grieving Sash

Isn't it strange how new houses are being built to look like Victorian houses, complete with sash windows.

Genuine, Victorian houses, on the other hand, had their sash windows ripped out decades ago and replaced with plastic, double glazed units bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the originals.

An regulars may know, Hay and I are avid watchers of continental dramas. In a recent episode of Salamander the protagonist had to arrange a meeting over the phone with his daughter, knowing their call might be listened to. They agreed to meet at a location where they had watched a firework display with the daughter's mother on her birthday. Hay and I played the game and said we'd arrange (in our minds) to meet up where we first met. Unfortunately we would have missed each other, as we couldn't agree where or even when we first met...

Wall to wall coverage of the Manchester bombing service yesterday. Can't help but think that this current penchant for massive displays of public grief plays right into the hands of terrorists - it's exactly what they want to see. Leave those who lost loved ones to grieve in private (as they should) and the terrorists score no points. The British, stiff upper lip is trembling and I don't necessarily see it as a good thing. Perhaps it's yet another generational thing that those over 60 simply can't understand, or perhaps it's the media just doing what the media does - poking its nose into areas it shouldn't. Remembrance day is a totally different thing - the wars and losses they commemorate are over. The fight against terrorism isn't, and probably never will be.

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