Thursday, 31 May 2018

Led Pools

Well, yesterday's weather prediction was spot on with the confidence level still at .62, which is statistically significant (anything above 0.5 his highly significant). The solar generation was actually the worst in 5 years, which perversely reduced the confidence level, but that was because the previous years were somewhat higher and around the same figure for the 4 years, although still low.

What is strange is that almost all the dates with high confidence levels are days of low solar generation. The only high confidence of high solar generation (for the time of year) are in the middle of winter.

There's a news report that Jimmy Page - he of Led Zeppelin fame - has opposed the building of a basement pool by his neighbour in London, one Robbie Williams.

In the 70s Page was famous for his pool parties and I seem to remember (although I can't find the relevant info) that someone died in his pool. I do know Philip Hale died of vomit inhalation during a party at one of his houses. Since then, there's been a meme about not going to Jimmy Page's pool parties if you want to stay alive. John Bonham certainly died at one of Page's houses in 1980, but not as a result of drowning - unless you count drowning in his own vomit after 40 shots of vodka. The drowning in vomit seems a recurrent theme - perhaps that's where the meme started.

When I lived on my boat in Caversham Marina, I regularly used to go past Page's house in Sonning (below), which was on a corner and walled off - it was just opposite the Uri Geller's house; a lot of famous people lived in Sonning and George Clooney bought a house there recently.

The road through Sonning is a nightmare at rush-hour, as it's a rat-run to the A4 to Maidenhead with a bridge over the Thames that is only one car width. I bought myself a motorbike specifically to negotiate the traffic while living in Caversham and working in Ascot. When I previously worked in Maidenhead and lived in Emmer Green, I'd go via Henley specifically to avoid the bridge.


  1. Maybe the probability of dull days is much higher than that of sunny days giving rise to the higher probability that you can predict a dull day from your data.

  2. It's still a rat-run (I'd hate to live there!) I have to do it twice a week at rush-hour.