Saturday, 5 May 2018

Ferrari Council Wedding

I find it strange how people vote along national lines in local council elections. I agree that some national policies filter down to the local level, like housing but, in the main, scaling down from national to local is not linear - different dynamics come into play. Local elections are about how your council tax is spent locally; national politics covers a lot more and not just how your tax is spent. I see no dichotomy in voting Conservative nationally and Labour locally, or the reverse.

Spotted on the way to Swindon this week. Not a delivery, as the lorry was a recovery vehicle.

Not the best advert in the world for a Ferrari. 

Off up north for a family wedding, leaving No.1 and No.2 Sons in charge of the house, so I may not post for a few days (although being away doesn't normally stop me). Glad we're going away as it's the Badminton Horse Trials locally this weekend and the place becomes a zoo - 130,000 people are expected, but lots of money into the area, so one can't complain.

Overheard while making the sandwiches for our journey:

Hay: "I'm not taking any bananas - they bruise too easily."

Chairman: "Typical millennial bananas."

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  1. I am off down to Cambridge (Gloucestershire) today for the weekend to see my son. We will have to be aware of the horse trials. It's the same here in September when Burghley is on. Have a good weekend.