Wednesday 4 October 2023

The Tory Party at Prayer

It has been said that the CoE is the Tory Party at prayer, and there are statistics that show this is indeed the case. 

Britain never developed a tradition of Christian Democracy or a major Christian party because, by the time this happened in Europe, it already had three – Anglican Tory, Nonconformist Liberal and Nonconformist Catholic Labour. Although correlations are perhaps weaker, this is still the case today. 

Self-identifying Anglicans have been more likely to vote Conservative than Labour, the exceptions being in 1966 and 1997. In 2010, they were nearly twice as likely to vote Conservative as Catholics were.

However, one wonders why Anglican Christians vote Conservative at all.

  • Christianity often emphasises the importance of helping the less fortunate and showing compassion for those in need. Policies which focus on social welfare, healthcare, and affordable housing, align closely with these principles of compassion. 
  • Christians who are concerned about economic justice and helping the poor may find policies aimed at reducing income inequality more appealing. 
  • From a Christian perspective, ensuring fair treatment and just wages for workers may be seen as a moral duty. 
  • A publicly funded NHS aligns with Christian values of caring for the sick and vulnerable. 
  • Many Christians see caring for the environment as a religious duty and addressing climate change and promoting green policies may resonate with those who view environmental stewardship as part of their faith. 
  • Some Christians believe in Christ's teachings on welcoming the stranger and providing refuge to the displaced. 
  • Christians who believe in helping those in need globally may find Foreign Aid aligns with their values.

I suppose there is the argument that old style Conservatism does indeed pay some service to Christian values, but the current incarnation of Conservatism is the complete antithesis of the above. They're seeking enemies everywhere, and even inventing some where none exist, in order to appeal to the lowest, common denominator, yet they are riven with splits.

It seems, from the Party Conference, that they're not so much campaigning to win a General Election, as resigned to a disaster and campaigning in front of the 160k Party members for becoming the leader of the rump that's left.


David Boffey said...

David Boffey said...

Nonconformist Labour. Started unions.

"why Anglican Christians vote Conservative at all." The modern ones prefer the OT. aka Thstherism (and Reaganism across the pond).