Sunday, 14 June 2009

House Move

Colin (Abu Hamza) and I went to the local builders’ supply in his Taliban truck and collected 16 x 3m rocket launchers.

When everything was disconnected, our neighbour Paul came along with his Landrover to pull the caravan, but the caravan wheels just sank into the ground resulting in a change of tactic. He went off to get his tractor – an altogether better idea.

One good heave and it started to move. A few minutes later and we were in position and started to reconnect the services. I was in charge of gas, satellite TV and internet, Caravan took charge of the electricity and Colin worked on the fresh and waste water.

Colin starts laying the Old Sodbury oil pipeline.

Pipeline complete. We decided to run it straight across the build site and disconnect it for the few hours it will take to dig the footings.

In situ with everything reconnected – Folly House (the Caravans' place) in the background.


  1. Is all of the land shown in the last pic yours? It's a nice sized plot. I imagine there is more than we can see in the picture?

  2. Dave: It is indeed - or rather it belongs to Hay and her sister.