Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday 15/06/09

The anonymous street graffiti artist Banksy has an exhibition on in Bristol. Preparations for the event had to be kept a secret in order to preserve his anonymity and to keep the exhibition in line with the spontaneous and guerilla nature of his art form.

The fact he likes to keep his identity a secret means anyone could claim to be him with virtually no-one able to counter the claim. You can just imagine a scene reminiscent of when Kirk Douglas stands up to be identified at the end of the film Spartacus;

“I’m Banksy.”

“I’m Banksy.”

“I’m Banksy.”

Have you ever noticed how Kirk Douglas has an arsehole in his chin?

Think I might do my own Banksy original and sell it on eBay.

Talking of phantom vandals, we have a phantom guerilla fly-tipper who we’ve nicknamed Manksy. It’s actually Perry, who has an annoying habit of looking around the kampong for any piles of rubbish and then adding his own – like a cuckoo. He’s already added a load of redundant concrete from one of his many incomplete projects to the pile of excavated soil that we thought we’d use for creating a bank for a sunken garden. He obviously (and erroneously) thinks it’s all going to be carted off when we start to build the house. Bloody stuff is useless now that he’s thoughtfully added concrete to it without so much as a by-your-leave.

Had some fun with the locals yesterday; we were telling them that we could give them 10% discount for the Old Sodburyland attraction we were building on the site, the intention being to recreate the sights, sounds and smells of 9th century Old Sodbury, getting the Caravans to dress up as serfs, Hay (as a biochemist) creating the smells, Michelle and Perry doing the cream teas and me being the tour guide. We’d have the genuine 9th century log flume ride, as well as a 9th century ferris wheel – or breaking wheel, as they called it then. For Christmas we’d turn it into Old Sodbury Santaland, putting a pair of false antlers on Cat and dressing me up in a red overall and wellingtons.

There was a story in the news over the weekend about the Queen organizing an allotment at Buckingham palace for growing vegetables. I though she’d always had an allotment – it’s called Great Britain.

If you’re a beer buff, try Bath Ales. I’m a recent convert. You can get some of them in Tesco, but for the full experience it’s best to buy direct from the brewery. You can find some tasting notes on this beer blog.


  1. I think you can now buy an original Banksy stencilling set from Cath Kidston online.
    Actually, why doesn't he sell stencilling sets? He could make even more of a mint.