Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Great Wall of Old Sodbury

We demolished yet another stone wall yesterday, which has yielded plenty of building material for the embellishment of Badger's End.

The sheep were removed from the field too, and Mick (the farmer next door) came round to give the field a short back and sides.

Thoughts this week have been turned to roofing materials. I took a few shots of barn-style buildings earlier this week while in Basildon, althought perhaps Beefeater and Harvester restaurants in Essex are not the ideal templates of contemporary rural style. They do, however, provide a guide to what colour roof tiles would be aesthetically pleasing.

I think I prefer the dark brown, which is in keeping with the barn in Berkshire on which we've based our design (below - click to enlarge).


  1. Who's the old sod that this place was named after, that's what I wanna know.....

  2. Yep, definitely dark brown..! Looking good! I'm sure I've been to that Harvester - I lived in Basildon for a short time.

  3. Scarlet: I'm so sorry for you; we all have our crosses to bear.

  4. Scarlet: PS - it's the one with the voluminous amount of traffic outside and a vague smell of poo coming from an easterly direction.

  5. Great images. What a lot of work you are doing.

    Haven't been round Essex for ages! My Gran used to live in Holland on Sea and My Auntie in Southend. Always wanted to live in Clacton but husband says no!! xx

  6. Jenny: Can't blame him. Sensible man.