Friday, 24 July 2009

Family Friday

Beastly sorry - haven't had time to post. I'll leave you with my father and grandfather.

Not sure those socks my grandfather is wearing are strictly uniform!


  1. That is a wonderful photograph. There is something about the look on the faces of people being photographed in this period : it's somehow defensive as if it is important not to give too much away.

  2. Alan: The object of the exercise in those days was to make you look well-off. Hence the pose is always uneasy for those still at the foot of the social ladder.

  3. Your father's socks aren't exactly pukka ! Love the little frill around the tops.
    Am off on my hols for ages (hey, there has to be some advantage to living with the French) so I won't complain if you don't post every day - less reading for me to catch up on!
    Be good and don't catch any nasty sounding diseases while I'm away.

  4. Fabulous! What an atmospheric touch this has - You are very like your pa, Sir!

    Have a fine weekend - Raining and thunderstorms here - Ah, the pleasures of a British summer!

  5. Woman: If you look at the insignia on opa's shoulder, you'll notice they are crossed torpedoes. He was on the first Dutch submarine.

  6. I adore old family photos and this one is a treasure. Handsome man, your grandfather.