Monday, 6 July 2009

Lord of the Flies

Got bitten on the calf by some damned bug on Saturday – probably a horsefly. While I have good calf definition and have legs resembling those of a rugby player, the effect of the swelling made me look as if I’d contracted elephantiasis or had had one of Arnie Schwarzenegger’s legs sewn on in place of my own.

We went to Heddington yesterday to see Eric and his wife. Eric has previously received attention in the blog – he’s an excellent baker, a bagpipe player of note and a wood carver, although none of these skills are used to generate income, which seems a great pity.

Below are some of his wood carvings. The first is an unfinished carving of the back of the head and derriere of a naked woman. The object of the finished work is to fix it to a wooden door and create the illusion of the woman walking through the solid door.

This next one is a staff he made from a cherry bough. Unfortunately the photo does not show the intricate work along the shaft.

We went to the Heddingon Steam Rally, where I saw the following rather amusing sign.

I’ll finish with a somewhat incongruous drag-tractor from the rally.


  1. Take 7.5 mg of Clarithromycin three times a day for four days. Elevate leg when able. Wear a sturdy sock and a pair of plus fours.

  2. Mrs P: Hay told me to do the leg raising bit, but I'm not that keen on antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. Too many antibiotics being prescribed these days, which is why the bugs are getting immunity.

  3. Ouch! As one who swells with mosquito bites, you have my sympathy.

  4. Louise: Always happens to me. Can't understand why.

  5. That's a beauty skipper ! Had one identical to the calf and then on the fore arm last year and entertained he children with Popeye impressions. It will itch like crazy as it fades !

  6. Sorry about the mean bite. Hope it heals quickly. Those are some clever carvings by your friends. What talent.
    I like the idea of the lady walking thru a door. I just got back from vacationing and saw lots of tattoos so maybe he should add one to her backside. Seems to be the way these days. I felt very plain among the other beach goers.

  7. Lots of body parts in this one . . .

    The "wanted" sign did make me laugh.

  8. Anon: Had to go to hospital with the one on my arm last summer.

    Joy: We're considering commissioning him to do something for Badger's End.

    Bee: Like a traffic accident?

  9. You have my sympathy, I'm like candy to the little buggers! from one lumpy blogger to another - nice legs though!