Saturday, 26 December 2009

A Christmas Story

A woman touches the hem of Jesus’ robes some two millennia ago and the story becomes part of the canon of Christianity as a story that demonstrates faith. A woman tries to touch the Pope in 2009 and is condemned as mentally unstable.

I’m not fan of religion at the best of times, but this story exemplifies the gross hypocrisy of organised religion. It’s no more than the exercise in mind-control over the terminally superstitious, and being pattern recognising animals, humans are condemned for eternity to see the hand of God in everything from a piece of toast to a cloud.

Feed a dog and it thinks you are a god; feed a cat and it thinks it is a god. Why can't we be more like cats?

See you in a week or so.


  1. Ah, the link between faith and mental illness! Are you spoiling for a fight with the righteous on your week orf, Sir?! Enjoy! x

  2. This post is slanderous.... to dogs..

  3. I'm with the cats.

    Religion is political manipulation with fear and intimidation. If Christ had really existed, he would be horrified.

  4. Definitely with the cats. Good post Bill.

  5. And I say, go for it with Woman of No Importance up there: have a fight about faith vs mental illness....100:1 you win :)

  6. Love your dog/cat line. Absolutely spot on. Hope you had a good Christmas and your new year will be happy, successful and full of great blog posts (as ever). L.