Thursday, 3 December 2009

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

The tabloids are filled with lurid allegations about Tiger Woods’ personal life from some self-seeking, renta-gob tart. Why oh why do tabloids revel in destroying people’s lives just to make a bit of dosh and put cash into the hands of repulsive kiss and tell gob-shites? You could say that if the allegations are true then Tiger is the architect of his own downfall, but assistance from the gutter-press is merely the worst example of schadenfreude. It’s not as if he courts exposure, unlike some of those hideous celebs who have no talent whatsoever and thrive on nothing more tangible than notoriety. The media and the public don’t own Tiger Woods. There, but for the grace of God, go many.

I was watching something on TV last night about UK bank charges, which has caused a bit pof a furore here following the bail-out of the banks earlier in the year. Interviewees were moaning about the fact that they have to pay increased fees when they go overdrawn. The solution is simply – DON’T BLOODY WELL GO OVERDRAWN. I can do it, so why do others find it so damned difficult? It’s not as if these people who are moaning look as if they’re on the bread-line.

Talking of bailed-out banks - the directors of Royal Bank of Scotland are threatening to resign if the government stops them paying bonuses of £1.5bn to staff in its investment arm. If I were the government I’d most certainly call their collective bluff. Making money in the City is not exactly something that takes great intelligence or skill – it involved nothing more complex than having the balls to gamble at incredible odds with other people’s money in the hope of getting a fabulous short-term reward, i.e. what got us into this global pickle in the first place. I could do that with no bonus. One sure-fire way of combating CO2 emissions is to curb all the hot air and righteous indignation emanating from bank board rooms.

Ever seen the Carol Vorderman porn video?


  1. Every time I read your posts I finish up saying "Oh I agree", "Yes, I agree", Oh Definitely". Mind you this time you have managed to ask a question and answer it in the same sentence : "Why oh why do tabloids revel in destroying people’s lives just to make a bit of dosh and put cash into the hands of repulsive kiss and tell gob-shites?" And what do I make of your answer ... well, I agree of course.

  2. Alan: Were we separated at birth?

  3. Hi Bill,

    It's been a while since I've had time to read your blog, but I'm glad you're still here!

    About the bankers bonuses - I totally agree! I'm not exactly "in the know" when it comes to the finances of banks in general, but I always thought that bonuses were paid out as a reward for doing well and helping your company expand and grow. How have these bankers earnt their bonus this year, given that the public owns around 70% of their bank due to the government bailout they accepted this year?

    If bankers get rewarded for almost bringing the country to it's knees like that, I think I'm in the wrong profession.

    And just think what good that £1.5bln could do if it were put to good use. The mind boggles!

  4. In the tradition of that wonderful 70s TV program with Frank Muir and Patrick Campbell...


    Over the last 5 years RBS has underperformed the FTSE-100 by over 90%; they are clearly incompetent who would employ their management team now?

  5. Dom: So much for top talent.

    steve: Ah - I initially thought you were refering to Alan and myself being a double act in the vein of Muir & Campbell.

  6. Well CB, if the cap fits.. the question is which one is which? :)

  7. as far as Tiger goes. He only wants us to pay attention to him when he's trying to sell us something like a Buick, a watch, golf clubs, or whatever other multi-million dollar contract he's signed to entice the public to buy what he's endorsing. But heaven forbid we pay attention to him any other time. Sorry Tiger, you can't pick and choose when you want attention. You brought this one on yourself Bud and your true stripes are showing.

  8. Joy: It sounds like you're gloating. That's not very Christian or charitable, is it?

  9. Ha, Just a sinner saved by grace. Speaking in the love of course.