Monday, 21 December 2009

Rage Against The Old Sodbury Hill

Woke to a 6 inch carpet of snow and the sound of lorries backing down the road as they discover they can’t get enough traction to climb the hill up to the A46. Until the snow clears, Old Sodbury will be filled with bewildered lorry drivers seeking shelter and sustenance. A veritable land of the living dead.

Someone local was letting off a barrage of fireworks last night. I guess it must be that quaint old English festival of Diwali. No doubt it will soon go the way of Maypoles and Morris Dancing.

There was an article in yesterday’s Sunday Times about alcohol now being cheaper than bottled water in many supermarkets. Self-appointed busybodies want the price of alcohol increased because of this. Rather than worrying about the low cost of alcohol, I’d be up in arms and protesting about the ridiculously high cost of simple water!

Fun run. How the devil did that name evolve? There’s nothing remotely funny or fun about torturing oneself running. Just look at the faces of the people doing these so-called fun runs.

I see Rage Against The Machine has made the Xmas No.1. This spontaneous public reaction against corporate greed and the monolithic pop culture is laudable, but it’s somewhat ironic to find Rage Against The Machine are signed to Epic Records, which is part of the monolithic Sony BMG, the same monolithic label as McElderry, the X-Factor winner. There’s simply no escaping the corporate grasp – even if you attempt to thwart its plans, you’re still swelling its coffers.


  1. I know... I held my head in my hands when I found out about the Sony thing. Laughable.

  2. I find it depressing that we have reached a point when even our anarchic youth rebellions are re-cycled.

    On the theme of re-cycling, I gave up bottled water years ago, but as an experiment I put tap water into an empty evian bottle for about a year, not a single visitor, family member or friend ever commented.

  3. I can't be depressed about the Sony thing, when having listened to the song I am just depressed that anyone could be convinced to buy this for whatever reason.
    I hope Mr Morrison and his friends manage to escape the A46 before Christmas.

  4. Does this mean should the weather not abate that I will not be able to slither down the embankment in what ever piece of shit the rental company give me to see you and enjoy a belated bevvy at the DOG... will it be full of emasculated truckies !

    Bloody well hope not...!

  5. Scarlet: I thought you were in Devon?

    Steve: Forget not that I lived in Reading for 10 years. It simply has the best water in the world. No wonder no-one said anything.

    Kerrie: The roads are now clear.

    Phil: Not using the Corvette?

  6. I am in Devon!
    I can still get the news though!