Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Bin Laden - What a Tiger

Heard a strange story on the news yesterday. The item was about tackling Islamic fundamentalism in Britain and possible terrorism arising from it. A reporter was saying that Muslims feel isolated due to all the attention being on them and not right-wing terrorism. If Islamic fundamentalism isn’t right-wing, then what the hell is? You can’t get more right-wing than the concept of a world Islamic state where no-one has any freedom of conscience.

Why does no Grand Mufti or Grand Poobah pronounce a fatwa of death on all al Qaeda members? They seem to have no compunction about killing innocent fellow Muslims, which I thought was anathema within Islam. Suicide too is forbidden in Islam. Poor old Salman Rushdie only wrote a bloody book and hey, every Grand Heirophant was busy fatwaing him and calling for his death!

A top US general is saying al Qaeda will never be defeated until Bin Laden is killed or captured. I wonder what will happen if Bin Laden is ever captured as he couldn’t possibly be kept alive in any jail as he’s simply too dangerous to be allowed to live.

Talking of Islam, I commend to you this article from The Sunday Times by Rod Liddle. Liddle is funny, as well as observant and incisive – a more cerebral version of Jeremy Clarkson. His humour is my kind of humour.

Given the number of women coming out of the woodwork that Tiger Woods must be an absolute stud. Told Hay she should get in on the act and post a claim. Might be a few bob in it from The Watchtower. Might even stake a claim myself.

That blasted Dettol advert is getting on my tits again. “Dettol kills 99% of all household germs,” says the advert, with a shot of some flu infested kid leaving flu viruses on the banister for his young sister to collect. Wipe the banister in Dettol and within 24 hours you have a colony of Dettol-resistant superbugs taking over your property. The best cure for flu is to get it – unless of course it’s a Dettol-resistant killer variety.

I’ve had the Donate button on my blog for a couple of months now, but no bugger has seen fit to give me even 50p. you’d think that all the joy I bring to my readers that at least one person would give me an advance on a book. Tightwads! Just in case you don’t know where it is, look down the right-hand side and scroll down till you see it (he says in hope).


  1. Dettol kills the germs, but what mother has the time to run after her kid swabbing down every surface he touches. I ask the doctors here in Italy about the new flu strain, and they just shrug. Vaccination? The best vaccination is the bug itself (and it's cheaper). For all I know we've already had it - with kids in kindergarten it's difficult to tell one head cold from the next flu from the following bout of bronchitis.

  2. I looked for that donate button but couldn't find it. I was going to be super genereous and donate some dettol and the flu bug with perhaps a bottle of whiskey to wash it all down with.. But alas no button be been seen on the USA version of this site.

    Phil in Florida

  3. Louise: I fully agree.

    Phil: I think you mean whisky. You Americans! Anyone would think you were educated at HMS Conway....

  4. Not sure what they see in Tiger Woods but maybe he has a large stash of Dettol.

  5. Heard about how Tiger had been planning to do Panto this year?

    "Woods in the Babes!"