Friday, 22 January 2010

Beans, beans, good for the heart, the more you eat the more you - feel good

Soya milk. 'Tain't natural. I mean - how do you milk a bean?

Hay wants to get a cat and call it Phlogiston. I want a German Shepherd and call it German Bight, or a cat and call it Fisher.

Last night I downloaded some software to manage my Blackberry and use it as a modem - 250 odd megabytes. The software to manage my Nokia is only 33 megabytes. Some manufacturers are so wasteful with other people's computer space. Also why is it that when you use your mobile as a modem for your laptop, the speed (despite being nominally greater than 100 or 300 kbps, depending on service provider) is slower than the old fashioned 32 kbps dial-up? I guess web developers have become blasé and are no longer as parsimonious with their code as they used to be in the days of dial-up.

What's up in Blogland? Very few people are updating their blogs at present. Blog fatigue?

Do people still call their boy children Gerald?

I wonder if Gordon Brown has given consideration to nationalising the banks? The system would simultaneously be highly regulated and make money for the benefit of the country, thereby reducing taxation and the overdraft.


  1. I KNOW! At first I thought it was just the holiday lags...but we're over that, aren't we?

    I've never been a milk drinker....but it is more appealing to me than coming from a cow.

  2. Glad you're not one of those who aren't updating...thanks for the laughs! Particularly the German Bight gag...

  3. My fella (Sir Bruin) would tell you that it is unnatural to drink milk once you are weaned.

    Gerald would make a good name for a hamster.

    I'm one of the bloggers who have fallen off the blog waggon. I just can't think of anything to say and reading your blog is so much more entertaining than writing one myself.

  4. Its not the developers CB it's the culture; like everything else the "quick win" rules. No one writes tight code any more its more about filling in check boxes and leaning on the bloat-ware in the pervasive (pre-canned) frameworks out there. Like many things being efficient, clever and resourceful are attributes that are not valued as much as they used to be.

    I'll stop here because I'm starting to sound like my Dad!

  5. You mean all my frantic Blogtyping over the past weeks has been ignored, and escaped your eagle eye? Oh, well I'll just go away and eat worms...

  6. I just found out that boys feed on soya milk tend to have small willys and girls grow breasts too soon. Glad I wasn't feed on soya milk, I'm happy with mine the way it is.