Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Going Soft

We’ve gone all decadent and soft. Hay’s sister bought us an electric blanket for Christmas and we actually used it – heavenly.

Spotted this sign outside a chapel in St Ives while we were on holiday. Thought it rather funny.

The various political parties in the UK are starting to make their pie-in-the-sky promises in preparation for the election. The latest bribes for votes ploy by the Boy Cameroon is to give women the option to have their babies at home. This bit of political lunacy is supposed to be in the interest of offering women choice; in my opinion it’s between offering the choice of increasing the risk of death while denuding the NHS of much needed resources, or having your baby in an environment where every conceivable assistance is at hand and resources can be applied across many more mothers simultaneously. Of course the taxpayer is going to have to fund this while simultaneously funding the existing and massive budget deficit; however the hoi polloi are generally too stupid to realise this.

My vote would go to the party that committed to cutting public spending by not giving massive hand-outs to the middle classes who don’t need them anyway and focusing public money instead on where it’s really needed. The ill, the homeless and the poor, however, don’t generally sway the vote.


  1. So true, so true. And The Big Issue does not have the same electoral clout as the Daily Mail. I so miss my electric blanket, few things could ever beat them. Flanders and Swan used to do a song called "Bed" which had the verse :
    "Six monasteries hourly are saying a mass,
    To a distant relation, now dead,
    Who left me a blanket, electric no less,
    Now an integral part of my bed"

  2. In the Netherlands most women have their baby at home, unless there is an expected complication. Then they go to hospital to have the baby. If there is an unexpected complication too.
    And for some reason the Netherlands top the list of the amount of baby deaths in Europe. Only France and Latvia score higher (!).
    I wonder?

  3. They wont do what's best. They wont do what's right. They will do what's going to get them re-elected.

  4. I agree with Lee. Although I have to say that offering mothers the choice of a home birth is a step up from Italy, where they are campaigning for the right of every mother to have an epiural on demand...