Thursday, 14 January 2010

Working from Home

An earthquake hits Haiti and kills thousands. Clearly the Haitians have done something hideously annoying to God; perhaps breaking one of the dietary laws, like eating shellfish, or refraining from stoning their adulteresses.

We hear so much about strident Muslims that it’s nice to read a heart warming story about one who went out of his way to return several thousand dollars to an old lady who inadvertently left if in his taxi in New York. Mind you, the story probably has bugger all to do with him being a Muslim and more to do with him just being an honest person. I am aware of many devout Christians who are as dishonest as can be.

The weather has hit us hard here – I’ve been working from home for the best part of two weeks.

Here’s a snowman I started making, but then lost interest in.

I tried moving my car last night, but to no avail. This morning the milkman made the mistake of venturing up our lane and we now have an abandoned milk float across it, so I can't get the car out even if I could persuade it to move.


  1. The snow is pretty much a memory here in SE Herts - it's raining today - so strange to see that it is still very white elsewhere.
    Your home doesn't look like the warmest place to spend several weeks snowed in.
    Aw - give the snowman a head and take another picture...

  2. Kabbalah: It's warm as toast with the wood burner. The probolem is that all the water and sewer pipes are frozen and hence we've been relying on the people up at the big house for water and ablutions.

  3. Glad the new stove is working out okay. Perhaps you could do a deal with the milkman and carry out your ablutions with the abandoned milk...

  4. Wasn't it Hannibal Lector in the Thomas Harris books that used to keep a collection of press cuttings of reports of churches collapsing on congregations?

  5. Louise: The stove is actually too hot at times.

    Alan: What was that film with Richard Burton where he plays a gangster and is killed by falling masonry in a church?

  6. Not sure, I vaguely remember it but not the title.