Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Wonder Diet - Eat Less!

The Royal College of Surgeons in the UK has stated that patients awaiting obesity surgery are being turned away and having to wait till they become even more obese before being operated on. On the BBC Radio 4 news the story mentioned that these surgical interventions are necessary when diets don’t work.

Hang on! When has a diet never worked? I suppose a cake diet is not exactly conducive to weight loss, nor a pizza diet, but a proper diet that ensures there’s less energy going in that being expended must work by virtue of the laws of thermodynamics, which have proved remarkably stable for the last 15 billion years.

If these people are obese and get even more obese while waiting for the surgery, then there’s only one logical explanation – they’re stuffing their fat faces and lying through their teeth about being on a proper diet. We all know how we deceive ourselves when it comes to attempting to eat less - oh, one more gateaux won't harm me.... Go on then, one more Wigan kebab (3 pies on a stick) won't hurt...

Given the number of compensation claims following weight-loss surgery due to some fat bastard exploding when prodded by a scalpel, I am not at all happy with tax revenue being spent on these procedures. It is well within the capabilities of all of us to lose some lard. To expect the tax payer to fund an operation to correct your inability to exercise some self-control is taking the piss.


  1. LOL. I have managed to lose weight while stuffing my little fat face with more food than ever in my life. The reason I'm not putting it on is that I walk up and down a bloody great hill 20 times a week, and the food is made fresh from natural ingredients. Perhaps I should start a Fat Camp...?

  2. I watched a clip of the same report on Sky. I was amazed to learn that surgeons were copping the blame for not operating on these obese buggers, who in turn have decided that they need to eat MORE to qualify for the op!

    There was something obscene about their thinking, but worse was to see a fat bastard stuffing his face with a HUGE burger 'snack' to tide him over between meals.

    You nailed it ...

  3. Wigan kebab!!! Classic!! :)

  4. Louise: You're one of the sensible ones.

    Fletch: It makes you want to vomit....

    George: Yummy!

  5. Dear CB you make me sound so boring. Sulk.