Monday, 25 January 2010

Church, Children, Retirement and Sunlight Soap

It would appear that the church wants to have a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to having to adhere to human rights legislation; they want to be free to employ only bigots – or in their words, ‘people who have lifestyles compatible with church beliefs’.

Went up north to see family over the weekend. My niece handed me an 8 month old child to look after for a few minutes. I’d almost forgotten how to drive one of these, but having operated four of my own at various stages throughout my life I soon got back into the swing of things and within a few minutes had it gurgling contentedly.

I am so envious of my brother - he retired from being a marine engineer toward the end of last year. While on leave he was constantly employed in fixing mechanical things for his three daughters - boilers, cars, etc. He now devotes his time to avoiding having to fix things for them and pursuing a life of leisure.

While on the Wirral we visited Port Sunlight, which is a shining example of what an enlightened employer can do for his workers. Well worth a visit.

Has anyone else noticed that Blogger hyperlinks seem to have a will of their own when it comes to displaying them? Somethimes they show in full Technicolor and at other times they simply disappear (although the links are still operative and show when you hover over the text).


  1. Port Sunlight : Not sure I'd like to live in a place named after a cleaning agent (despite the glorious architecture), and glad it didn't catch catch on. Can you imagine Vim City, Fairy Village, Ajax Estate...?

  2. Louise: Or Bourneville (the Cadbury village).

  3. Links: It's all in the CSS.

    Your links appear OK, so you are obviously referring to displays on other Blogger's pages. They've probably 'broken' their displays by changing the RGB values of, either the links, or their page background.

    I do not often defend Blogger, but it isn't their fault - this time!

  4. Fletch: No - it's my blog I refer to. Once I post, the links do not appear in cyan, but later in the day the cyan appears. It's been happening or a few weeks now.

  5. Good old unfalsifiable dogma, gay people need to be vetted out, paedophiles are obviously less of a problem.

    I've not noticed the link thing?

  6. Got me there Bill.

    I've checked with 3 different browsers and the 'link', 'visited' and 'hovered' properties all appear to be working as they are expected to.

    The fact that the link colour doesn't appear as you expect it to immediately after you post possibly indicates there is a local cache 'problem' on your computer, though I must admit I've never come across this before.

    If I have a 'Zebedee' moment I'll get straight back to you ...

  7. Off topic: The simplest way to add a label cloud is in Blogger layout. Choose 'add a gadget' and select Labels. In the associated window will be an option to display the labels as a cloud.