Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Clapton Is Innocent

I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine, Richard. Some of you may know him as The Irascible Fairy - he makes the odd comment on my blog. Richard has terminal cancer and is having a tough time since his final chemo session came to an end. He feels abandoned and wants to scream at the world. Please help cheer him up at his new blog, Falling Through An Endless Summer Sky. I've put a link to him in my Blog List.

Moving to other matters; if both Bob Marley and Eric Clapton shot the sheriff, then just who did shoot the deputy? This question has been worrying me for some time.

Also, is it possible for both Marley and Clapton to have fired the fatal shot at exactly the same instant? Surely one must have killed the sheriff and the other merely pumped a bullet into a dead body?

I’ think I’ll start a Facebook campaign to get Clapton off the charge. Please join and let's see if we can get justice for him.


  1. How does one cheer up someone with a horrible disease like that? Hmm...?

    LOL about your Clapton-campaign. Wish you all the best with that.

  2. I've often found myself nodding with approval at Richard's comments...I'll drop by his new blog. Thanks.

  3. Carolina: By talking to him.

    Louise: I haven't - he's a cantankerous old bugger. Likes an argument too. Can't hold that against him though as he's old-school.

  4. Liking the campaign. I think the sherriff shot the deputy because he slept with his wife, but I am sorry I am not convinced of Claptons innocence. I will need more evidence.

    I will pop over to the Irascible Fairy and do my best. ( which is a bit crap to be frank,but better than nothing )

  5. Just a quick "thank you" for pointing out the problems that Richard is going through at the moment. A visit has duly been made!

  6. Ah Chairman you have opened a can of worms with regard to the sheriff:
    Besides The Wailers and Eric Clapton we have various others to consider:

    Orion [1] 1975
    The Cache Valley Drifters October 1979
    Light of the World 1980
    Bunny Wailer 1981
    Jaco Pastorius 1991
    Hiram Bullock July 11, 1996
    Warren G 1997
    West Coast All Stars July 1997
    386 DX 2000
    Mad Sin 2003
    Marlene 2005

    Maybe it was something like "Murder on the Orient Express" and they all had a hand in doing it?