Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Buy Local - for Vengeance

There's a salutory lesson to be learned from this horsemeat scandal - it's always better to buy locally sourced meat, for while it's virtually impossible to vengefully pillory and lynch some fraudster in Eastern Europe for adulterating your mince, you can do it quite easily to your local beef farmer, slaughterhouse operative or butcher!

I see Nesquick is advertising their sugary product as 'healthy'. Since when was adding sugar to milk healthy? Milk in certain quantities is healthy; adding sugar to it is not, no matter how many other additives you incorporate into it. You simply can't believe anyone these days - remember yesterday's post about exploiting systems and the way everyone does it?

You know, in order eliminate all the furore around the Catholic church, perhaps they need to choose a black, gay woman with a physical disability as the next Pope. As much chance of that as the food industry telling the truth about what you're shovelling down your gullet.

Have you noticed how the current UK government keep going on about the financial mess they inherited from the previous government? I wonder who will inherit the mess the Conservatives have gotten us into? Seems successive governments create nothing but messes to be inherited.

If I hear that Skyfall song one more time I swear I'll scream!


  1. I know how to definitely eliminate all the furore around the Catholic church, eliminate the Catholic church! (not much chance of that either)

  2. I hear that the food industry is to simplify and improve it's labelling by stating "this product contain what's inside"