Saturday, 9 February 2013

Thoroughbred Lasagne

Now we have pre-prepared foods that are 100% horse meat. What I think they mean is that the meat content is 100% horse, as what passes for filling in many meat-based pre-prepared meals is anything but meat.

It was mildly amusing to hear a chap on the news who for years looked forward to his once a week treat of Findus lasagna - and loved it. Now he knows it contains horse meat he will never again touch it, despite having found it delicious and it posing no health risk (beyond the health risk that all pre-prepared foods possess due to high fat, salt and sugar content). 

This fiasco just goes to prove that the British will eat anything, so long as it's convenient and can be slammed in the microwave. It also proves you can fool all the people all the time, as without the DNA test, Brits would have gone on forever eating horse and been none-the-wiser. After all, many don't even know what real meat should taste like, as pre-prepared meals disguise the real flavour through all manner of additives and actually use mechanically recovered crap.

Perhaps this event will result in British housewives starting to buy cheaper fresh food - food that actually looks like food - and cooking it themselves. It would certainly help eliminate the obesity epidemic.

I hear the French are now concerned that their horse-meat-based products could be contaminated with beef! Sacre bleu!


  1. So, I presume you publish from public, shared computers in libraries or the like?